June 10, 2023

Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloader

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Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloader

Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloader

Loading YouTube videos can take up both time and data when connected to limited WiFi. This can be particularly frustrating if you need backup copies or are editing for a project.

Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloader
Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloader

There are many free YouTube video downloader available. They can help you save the videos you care about from YouTube. This article will provide details about some of them.

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is an immensely popular app that allows users to download videos from YouTube and other video platforms, including Vimeo. This application stands out from others due to its unique features. These include searching and downloading multiple videos at once and creating playlists of videos.

This service is easy and user-friendly to use. It has only one text field for pasting video links. It supports both 4K and 1080p resolution, as well as audio MP3 downloads.

Video Downloader Pro has an amazing ability. It can download videos from other websites, such as Instagram and Facebook. This allows users to view the videos at a later time. This can be especially handy if you wish to save your favourite clips for later.

This app is not officially available on the Play Store due to Youtube terms of service violations. However, you can still use it. Download the app’s APK from the internet and install it directly. As this version is free from ads so you can enjoy using it worry-free!

2. Keepvid

Keepvid is a free YouTube video downloader with an impressive array of features. This software allows you to capture videos in different formats. You can also add watermarks and customise movies before downloading. It offers additional tools to enhance and streamline the experience for improved efficiency.

This program enables more than just downloading YouTube videos. It also allows you to save the audio of songs and other media online. With its user-friendly interface and simple process of conversion/downloading videos in HD quality or below (such as 4K/4K/1080P etc). Furthermore, this program also saves original captions of YouTube long videos!

This program works smoothly on PCs running Windows 8. It can easily download videos from popular sites like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Dailymotion. It is also able to download videos from adult websites.

Some sites may prohibit downloading videos. If this happens, the program may not be able to complete the download. An error message will appear to indicate the reason.

3. VideoProc

VideoProc is a revolutionary software solution. It enables easy downloading of YouTube videos on Windows or Mac with just one click.

Furthermore, it works on other popular websites including Vimeo, Instagram and SoundCloud. This product has a one-click downloading mode. It also supports unlisted and private videos.

It can sync YouTube playlists, Watch Later lists, and it provides deshake, denoise, and fisheye correction of clips. These features make it ideal for deshaking, denoising, and fisheye correction.

The batch download mode of this software allows you to save multiple videos at once. It supports all quality and format types, including HD, 4K, and 8K MP4 videos. The user-friendly interface of this product requires no setup or configuration. Furthermore, it is ad-free and has lightning fast performance.

This app offers a range of editing tools, such as trimming, cropping and adding watermarks. This software can edit videos with effects such as slow motion and high frame rate. It can also merge clips into a longer video, split long videos into smaller parts, and remove channel or video watermarks.

4. Video Grabber

Are you in search of an easy, straightforward tool to download videos? Look no further. Video Grabber is an excellent solution.

It can download video files quickly and efficiently. It can also extract audio tracks from them. This video downloader has a user-friendly interface and supports multiple sites and formats. It also has the capability to batch download multiple files simultaneously, making downloading easy.

Developers of this tool claim it can capture content from over 900 websites with excellent quality. Users can select from various output formats. The software can generate animations from still images. This is a major perk as it does not require an internet connection.

Even with its extensive features, some users report issues with this tool. These problems often stem from an inconsistent network connection and can cause the software to stop functioning properly.

Open a command prompt. Type “ip config /flushdns” to clear DNS cache. This will help the video downloader work correctly. Try downloading another video.

5. Video Converter

This tool provides a free online platform that makes downloading videos from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook quickly possible in seconds. Download them directly onto your computer in MP4 format. You can then edit them later or export as an animated GIF or video.

Yt cutter can be downloaded on various platforms, such as iOS, Windows and Mac computers. This can be done either through its website or Chrome extension. No registration is required.

Bug-free downloading and one of the fastest tools of its kind. The user-friendly interface of this program makes the conversion process effortless. To convert a video, simply copy the link and paste it into the text box. Then, select your desired resolution and click download.

The tool also allows you to trim the video you download to a specific length. You can choose the beginning and end of the video in seconds or frames. It also gives you the option to preview the video before downloading.

Yt Cutter also provides the ability to download videos from YouTube playlists, and it supports various languages. Downloading multiple videos from YouTube channels or playlists is now much faster and easier. You can do this with just one click.

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