Glenn Beck Wife - Tania Colonna

Glenn Beck Wife Tania Colonna Biography & Facts

We have included in this piece all the details regarding Tania Colonna – Glenn Beck’s current wife, from biographical information and how she met Glenn to how they decided on marriage – as well as other relevant topics relating to Tania.

Glenn Beck is married to Tania Colonna.

Glenn Beck Wife - Tania Colonna
Glenn Beck Wife – Tania Colonna

Tania Colonna is an American political anchor, commentator, radio host, TV show producer, and a well-known conspiracy theorist. Her celebrity connection to Glenn Lee Beck drew media coverage.

Glenn Beck’s First Wife and Divorce Case

Tania wasn’t Glenn Beck’s initial spouse. He married Claire before meeting Tania while working at WPGC, where the pair quickly formed an attachment.

Gradually but certainly, Claire and Glenn fell in love and decided to marry each other in 1983; however, due to Glenn’s alcohol addiction and other personal issues, the couple decided to separate in 1994 and eventually divorce.

Glenn has two daughters with Hannah Mary: Hannah Mary is her elder, and Hannah Mary is her younger. Glenn maintains positive relations with their daughters; during an interview, he stated, “he learned how to live in the present from his father, which is one reason he strives to maintain healthy connections between him and them.”

Glenn Beck and Tania Have a Romantic Love Story

Glenn Beck Wife - Tania Colonna
Glenn Beck Wife – Tania Colonna

Glenn and Tania share an incredibly romantic partnership. After meeting each other while working at New Haven radio station in 1998, when Glenn was talking with one of his colleagues in his parking space, and Tania happened by unexpectedly, their romance blossomed into something much more profound and meaningful than they could ever imagine!

Tania heard Glenn Beck’s voice and approached him. After some brief chatter between them, Tania expressed her appreciation to Beck for providing years’ worth of laughter through his radio program – adding, “Tania has long been an admirer and fan.”

Glenn Beck and Tania met again when Tania went to New Haven station to collect the Walkman she won from an earlier contest. Tania and Glenn enjoyed coffee together and soon formed friendships before eventually planning to marry each other on November 29, 1999, becoming Tania Beck and Glenn Beck’s partners for life.

Glenn decided to convert to Mormonism to marry Tania; Tania and Glenn then decided to adopt Raphe Beck and have one daughter named Cheyenne Beck.

Glenn Beck was known to consume large quantities of drugs before turning 16, eventually ending his first marriage. However, Tania has helped Glenn turn his life around, leading him on to achieve great success today thanks to Tania.”

Glenn Beck and His Father Share A Complex Relationship

Glenn had an emotionally distant relationship with his father but did report feeling close to him. Unfortunately, Glenn lost him in 2016.

Glenn gave this explanation during an interview with Fatherly wherein they asked Glenn to describe his father in three words. Glenn replied, “Workaholic as well as distant and somewhat confusing. When my dad passed away a few years ago, we had significant disagreements, though most issues have been addressed and resolved in various forms. Due to family obligations, this situation wasn’t ideal, yet his funeral couldn’t be celebrated due to our conflicted relationships.”

My father grew up in an abusive environment. His mother was victimized by their father, so my grandfather vowed he wouldn’t abuse his children himself or marry someone with abusive tendencies – however, this promise wasn’t fulfilled either! Unfortunately for us all involved.

Glenn continued: When I was 16, we argued when I told him, “I won’t ever measure up to you. Glenn replied in tears of shock, saying, ” Son, that is one of the best statements you have said to me. It only made me angry after making such statements. His reply caused more distress. After this encounter, he became distant but very logical and cold.”

Glenn was ashamed that this had led him down this path of addiction.

Tania Colonna estimated her net worth as being in the range of $900k as of 2023, having amassed this fortune through her work as a radio host and television show producer and founding Mercury One, which provides non-profit charitable trust services.

Tania lives an extravagant life due to Glenn Beck, estimated to be worth an estimated $200 Million and serves as the CEO of Mercury Radio Arts and overseer for The Blaze radio/TV channel.

Glenn also makes money through Mercury Ink, the publishing imprint firm he runs alongside Schuster and Simon. Beck has released an e-book entitled ‘Cowards: What Radicals, Politicians and Media Are Unwilling to Say.”

Glenn has become one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide; there have been reports that he makes up to $20 Million annually through all sources.

Tania Colonna: Glenn Beck Wife | Life & Times

Glenn Beck wife, Tania Colonna, was born in 1972 in New Haven to Vincent and Mary Ann Colonna; Vincent worked as an insurance agent while Mary Ann served as Yale University’s assistant director. Tania attended New Haven public schools until graduating high school with honors in 1988.

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